Well, this is exactly what Emma Watson's character Lena did in the movie Colonia (2015). The movie is based on a true historical background regarding the controversial sect known as Colonia Dignidad. I was listening to a Joe Rogan podcast with guest Tim Kennedy and they were discussing the history of Nazi's who escaped to South America and established Nazi colonies. Their conversation led to the terrifying Nazi cult under the leadership of German fugitive Paul Schäfer. Just listening to Tim Kennedy's description of the atrocities caused by the Nazi's gave me goosebumps. It also reminded me of the movie. Next thing you know, I found myself opening Netflix and started watching Colonia.

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Spoiler Alert!

I had planned to watch this movie for a long time but I always hesitated due to the nature of the genre. Alright! I'm a sensitive guy and those Nazi movies scares the sh*t out of me. It's just one of the darkest or rather thY darkest aspect of human history and it gives me the creeps how humans can act like that. But this time, I watched the movie out of curiosity and it was worth it!

Set in Chile, Colonia (2015) portrays the life of men, women and children who live in a cultish environment totally isolated from the external world or "outside" as they call it. Little do they know that the place is also a nesting site for a secret underground military operation by the Dirección de Inteligencia Nacional or DINA, the Chilean intelligence service under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in 1973. The mastermind behind all of it is their 'godlike' leader Paul Schäfer, or Pius as they call him in the movie.

I was satisfied with how the movie depicted the horror or the goreish aspect of the cult without actually showing it on-screen except for some occasional slaps and minor forms of violence but nothing too extreme. It makes sense since the movie is rated R. It leaves room for viewers' imagination of the horrendous things that actually happened in real life. It provides the audience with an insight of the extent the human mind can go in order to feed its perversion. For Schäfer, this was his heaven on earth. He was the Thanos who had all the Infinity Stones and he could do whatever he wanted with these people who were under his spell. They saw him as God manifesting through a person.

In the midst of political instability in Chile under the leadership of the tyrant dictator Pinochet, Lena (Emma Watson) goes in search of Daniel (Daniel Brühl), her boyfriend only to find out that he is being held captive in a place nowhere known as Colonia Dignidad. She asks for help from his so-called friends but they all refuse fearing for their own lives. Left on her own, Lena decides to join the cult despite knowing that the probability of rescuing Daniel as well as her chance of escaping is close to impossible.

Two Steps from Hell

While the movie shows the extent of human perversion, it also depicts the extremities that one is willing to take for the simple act of love and compassion. Colonia is not just a movie about the negative aspect of human history but a story about the triumph of true love. This usual contrast is what makes it beautiful in every sense of the word. I highly recommend readers to watch it!